Fees or NO fees? An Artfire Question

so hmmm...I pay $100 or more in Etsy fees per month..over all not a bad deal, I sell a lot there and Etsy is a wonderful place to be, I will always keep my shop there. BUT- what if I could sell the same number of items (or more!) and only pay $7 per month?

That's what ArtFire is offering-no other charges anywhere..no listing fees, no final value fees- $7 per month thats it! AND- if I refer 10 people who sign up for the $7 per month membership, I get mine TOTALLY FREE for life:) You can too..follow the link or click on the logo below to sign up, help me and then recruit your friends!!

Register on ArtFire.com

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade


How long am I signing up for?
As long as you like..the $7 per month is for as long as you are continuously a member, but you can cancel any time:)

Will I get sales there?
Artfire is in its very early days, but growing like mad...like any sales site, it will help if you promote your shop, but Im looking forward to an exciting time as the site continues to expand and grow!

What About my Etsy Shop?
Artfire is so cool, they even let you LINK TO YOUR ETSY SHOP from their site..and the new "Market Hub" feature allows people to easily connect to you on Etsy and on all your social networking sites with just a click.

Other Questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below:)


Heart of Inara Serenity Necklace

Firefly wins the Thyme2dream award for most exquisite costumes I have ever seen in a television programme! The series captivated in so many ways, fascinating concept, unique storylines, delightfully quirky characters~I loved it. For me however, Shawna Trpcic's costumes stole the show every time! Inara Serra, the haunting companion who's storyline got SO interesting just before the show ended prematurely, was the inspiration for this necklace.

The Faeries at the ( Inaugural ) Ball

Im excited~I just sent away a Fairy Bower set that a customer ordered to wear to an Inaugural Ball Monday evening! I know its kind of silly, but I have a happy little glow inside-my jewelry will be a very very tiny part of the events surrounding this historical inauguration!

My prayers are with our new President Obama, he has a tough road ahead of him and we will all need to pull together to make it through...that's one thing we yanks are pretty good at when we put our minds to it, so Im not worried:)

Barefoot & Stardust

Well okay, its a wee bit too cold for the barefoot part just now, but a while back when trying to explain my fashion sense to someone I came up with this as a contrast to stockings and stilletos (which I am NOT;)...barefoot & stardust really sums it up I think. Anyway, here is the latest result of my love affair with Labradorite (aka "temple of the stars"), my Stardust Labradorite Heart Ear Cuff

I only have a few of these delightful labradorite faceted hearts, so this design will only be available for a limited time..get it while you can;-)
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