Lady of Rohan Eowyn Circlet

In all the excitement of the impending release of  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this week, we have seen quite a flurry of LOTR circlet orders. Im sure most of our friends are going to the opening this week and even though very few of the Lord of the Rings characters appear in The Hobbit, it is still fun to celebrate the new film by attending in full Middle Earth regalia. Ian created a new circlet in honor of the occasion, this one inspired by Eowyn, the Lady of Rohan.

A Little Thanksgiving Magic from Etsy's FAEteam

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are enjoying your day:)  Here is a beautiful treasury of Autumn Magic from #FAEteam member Meredith Dillman, one of my favorite fairy artists!

Autumn ginkgo linocut -...

Autumn Riders - Renaiss...

Fall Leaves, Leaf Bobby...

Blackberry autumn hand ...

Art Nouveau Tiara Autum...

Moss Old Red Flower Cop...

The Faerie Locket Print

Deep Forest Creek - Gic...

Welcome Sign - The Tree...

Autumn inspired 8x10 wh...

FOX mask, leather mask ...

Wire Wrapped Hair Comb....

Hansel and Gretel 8x10&...

5 incense sampler

Tree of Life Necklace E...

November Chrysanthemum ...

Thyme2dream Fairy Magical Holiday Sales Guide

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! How many of you are Black Friday commandos?  Cyber Monday savvy shoppers? I've put together a list of all the sales my fairy magical Etsy friends are having and I will be posting them @thyme2dream Twitter with the hashtag #T2DreamSales so you can find them all easily Follow along by clicking on >> #T2DreamSales or by typing it into the search box on Twitter and THANK YOU for shopping handmade for the holidays!!

Holiday Snowflakes Star Wars Style

Look closely at the snowflake on the left...yes, that is R2D2 and in answer to your next question YES, there is a downloadable template available

And, if you are so inclined to deck the halls of your very own Hoth with Star Wars snowflakes,  graphic designer Anthony Herrera has an entire collection of them available to download for free from his blog, Anthony Herrera Designs ~ enjoy!!

Fairy Flashy SALE

Yes, you read it right! EVERYTHING at Thyme2dream is 20% off til midnight tomorrow!  I have a lot of exciting holiday happenings coming soon- giveaways, sales, and more- but I thought I would have a little fun and preview it with a special flash sale tonight!  If you want to be sure to keep up with all the excitement, you can join me at Thyme2dream on Facebook  or you can even sign up for Thyme2dream eNews (and get a $10 coupon too;)

Renaissance Bride in our Arwen Celtic Wedding Circlet

We were delighted to receive these gorgeous Renaissance wedding photos from a happy customer this week... Amy is wearing a amethyst version of the Arwen Celtic Wedding Circlet headdress from Ian's shop PernCirclets on Etsy - Dont you just love her dress?!!

We are always happy to customize our magical jewelry &accessories to go with your attire- Renaissance garb, fairytale wedding dress or even if you just want a pretty tiara to wear around the house when you do the vaccuuming!  Contact us any time:) You can find us on Artfire too:

Thyme2dream ArtFire 

Woodland Triquetra Jewelry Sets New at Thyme2dream

My new  Woodland Triquetra  collection includes A three leaf design reminiscent of the sacred triquetra Celtic knot symbol with your choice...

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