Happy Valentine's Day ~ Fairytale Heart Necklace

I love "heart day"! When I started making jewelry, I had to tone down the heart designs because EVERY piece I made was starting to include them and I found not everyone is a heart girl like me;). I still do one now and again, and my Fairytale Heart Necklace is the newest addition to the Withywindle Wedding Collection from Thyme2dream

Fairy Jewelry Giveaway and a $10 Thyme2dream Coupon

The fairies and I have some fun announcements for February! First, we wanted to let you know that our friend Aquariann is hosting a Thyme2dream jewelry giveaway over on her blog, The Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann. Its free and easy to enter, and the prize is a $25 gift card that you may use on anything at Thyme2dream ArtFire ~this includes sale items and custom orders too;)! Its free and easy to enter, and there are lots of ways you can get additional entries, but be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST on February 20,2012!

Secondly~I have finally got round to starting a proper email newsletter mailing list! We needed a way for customers & friends to keep in the loop about giveaways (which I am going to go back to running every month!), sales, new items and also our Renaissance Festival schedule. Facebook works for this sometimes, and I will update there as well, but with the way they change the news feed all the time, some of our fans there were still missing important things! SO- if you would like to keep up to date on all the goodies and fun at Thyme2dream, please sign up for the new I promise I wont spam you Thyme2dream email newsletter list...AND you get a $10 Thyme2dream coupon free just for doing so! Follow the link to Thyme2dream on Facebook or you can sign up right here on the blog-there is a form posted in the right hand column near the top;)

Last but certainly not least, remember to enter to win the first three books in Ian Hall's Caledonii: Birth of a Nation series set in ancient Scotland! Ian (aka my beloved husband & Thyme2dream circlet wizard;) was working on this tale when I first met him 12 years ago and he totally captivated me with his tales of Celtic tribes, druids and their struggle against the Roman invaders. It has quickly become his best selling ebook series and for good reason! As with my contest above, the Ian Hall eBook Giveaway is taking entries until February 20th, 2012.

Ethereal Moonlight & Fire Collection on ArtFire

What a beautiful collection curated by the Artfire shop of the same name...Moonlight and Fire. I love a snowy moonlit night, and the fire is the perfect addition to make these treasure both magical and cozy all at the same time. Enjoy!

Ian Hall eBook Giveaway!

Those of you who have visited our booth at a Renaissance festival probably know who Ian Hall is (even if you dont know his name yet;) ...he is the funny guy with the Scottish accent who inhabits the booth most of the time- he is also my beloved husband, world's best granddad, expert re-modeler, guitar player, songwriter, and the supreme circlet wizard at Thyme2dream.

If that wasnt impressive enough, he has recently become a published author! His first book in the Jamie Leith Chronicles, Opportunities was released through IFWG Publishing in Sept 2011 and is a rollicking tale set against the historical background of Scotland's attempt to colonize Panama in the late 1600's. He is also enjoying a successful foray into the world of eBook publishing and has released several short stories, novellas and the like.

One of his most popular eBook ventures is his Caledonii series that takes place in an ancient Scotland populated by Picts, Celts and Druids and about to be taken over by Romans. Ian builds a fantastic story around his personal belief that the Romans were not as successful as their historian Tacitus would lead everyone to believe (there was a reason they built that WALL up there;). To be released as a series of 7 books eventually, "episodes" 1-4 are currently available with 5 soon to be published- AND you can win the first 3 for FREE!!

Ian Hall Giveaway

Our good friend Kristan aka Aquariann is hosting the giveaway - just click on the avatar above to pop over to her excellent blog and enter to win;)
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