A New Crown for Princess Buttercup

I love custom wedding jewelry and accessory requests! One of our brides is having a Princess Bride wedding complete with Westley, Buttercup, Inigo and a cast of thousands (well okay, probably just a cast of 10s, but they have costumes;). She asked me to make a crown for her to wear as Princess Buttercup, and this was the result.

UPDATE: This crown is now for sale as a made to order piece from Thyme2dream Weddings on EtsyThyme2dream Storenvy and Thyme2dream ArtFire.

Princess Bride Crown by Thyme2dream

Princess Bride Buttercup Crown by Thyme2dream

Woodland Triquetra Jewelry Sets New at Thyme2dream

My new  Woodland Triquetra  collection includes A three leaf design reminiscent of the sacred triquetra Celtic knot symbol with your choice...

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