Hey, We're Virtual

Etsy Labs VIRTUAL Trunk Show
Etsy Chainmaillers Guild
& Wire Artisans Guild
SUNDAY, September 14th
7pm EDT

What fun...the Etsy Labs have just started a virtual trunk show series, and my friend Deanna from You've Got Maille invited the Wire Artisans Guild to participate along with the fine artists from the Etsy Chainmailler's guild.

Our team is planning a short presentation from Joanne of JoJoBell about some of the wirework techniques we use...there will also be interesting info about the intricate art of chainmaille and then we will introduce some of the latest items for sale from our members. The show should last about an hour.

ITS TOTALLY FREE...even if you are not a member of Etsy its free to join (and you will LOVE the community there:). The Etsy labs are like a very deluxe chat room- with seats and special effects...you can ask questions and at the end stay for the cupcake throwing (I told you there were special effects;-). We will of course have things for sale, but no purchase is required or pressured.

For my part, it would be fun to get to meet some of you "live" and chat a bit about life the universe, wire and everything...I hope you can make it by~if you do, be sure to wave or throw food at me or something!


This will take you to the etsy labs portal..from there you will click on the room that says "treehouse" to the left.

the show is at 7pm Eastern US time so just to save a bit of confusion
here are some local times for you:

6pm US Central time
5pm US Mountain time
4pm US Pacific Time

Midnight GMT (UK Time)
1am for most of western Europe
8 am in the Phillipines
10 am Sydney Australia

(if I got any of the international times wrong, dont hesitate to correct me...I know GMT because Ian and I lived in two separate time zones for 3 years, but the others Im a little hazy on, lol)


Carolina Gonzalez said...

Good luck on this new adventure! I'm sure you'll be a great success, there's so much talent in your guild!

Heathen's Hearth said...

Congrats and good luck!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

With work like yours, you'll have not problem. BTW- Very smart to link your image directly to your etsy page. I never thought of it, but I will do from now on.

Youvegotmaille said...

Heyyy I recognize that bracelet :) Karla, thanks so much for your hard work making the trunk show a huge success. We have at least 1 member with a sale during the show, I hope you guys do too! Looking forward to future guild association :)

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