Titania's Dream Faery Hair Vine

Almost wordless, almost Wednesday...here is the latest in my Titania's dream series. These really are more like a "spray" than a hair vine, but somehow "hair spray" just conjures up the wrong image;-)

I DO CUSTOM COLOURS..I have this basic design listed on Etsy in several of my colour ranges already, and/or would be happy to do a new one for you if you like (please someone ask for a blue one)!

Available in my Etsy Shop


Melissa said…
I really do love this. I am wondering though, how do you wear it in your hair? Is it a barrette, and how sturdy is it. I have very long, thick hair, would it work in my hair? My daughter has very long, but not so thick hair, would it fall out of her hair?
Dori said…
This is so beautiful...oh my gosh. I just love it. You are so talented. :)
This is beautiful

~Witchy Mama~
Leah said…
Very pretty, I love all the detail in your pieces.
Albina Rose said…
Absolutely lovely! What a gift you have for creating some of the prettiest adornments.
jenn said…
That is beautiful!

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