Can you kiss your elbow?

When I was a young I read a story about a girl who could kiss her elbow, and it turned out that meant she was a fairy!! Even if you cant, pretending to be a fairy is almost as fun as being one;)

I just listed my Fairy Princess Gift Set- perfect for any little girl who ever dreamed of being a fairy princess. This set includes a tiara, magic wand and an arm cuff/bracelet in your choice of colours.

Did I mention that Im excited its almost CHRISTMAS? (yes, I know a million times already). In additon to my fairy gift set, I also have bubble wands, mobile phone charms and other fun fairy accouterments available in my shop for stocking stuffers.



Leslie said...


Lomagirl said...

I loved the book "No Flying in the House" where the little girl who could kiss her elbow was a fairy. I bought a copy recently to share it with my daughter.

Thyme2dream said...

OH THAT IS SO COOL!! Thats the book- I didnt even know it was still in print...(does happy little dance) I will have to get one!

Dani' said...

I was wondering what the name of that book was! I loved it when I was a kid and thought Frog (8yr old dd) would really enjoy it.

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