Over the Hills and Far Away

Its been far too long since I had some music on my blog...so to remedy that, here are three different songs with the same name. I was looking for something to post from You Tube when I came across the Gary Moore song Over the Hills & Far Away-a wild and wonderful celtic rocker. Then, looking at the links I realized that there were at least two other songs with the same name that I love just as much, so here they all are:

This is the Gary Moore song...the video is pure 80's, but the drumming is mesmerizing and the guitar is incredible!

One of my absolute fave Led Zeppelin songs with a nice memory attached...one night a long time ago after a Robin Trower concert, a girl friend and I were invited to a party by a beautiful TALL exotic-looking guy (I found out later he was from Turkey) that I had only just met and sort of had a bit of a crush on (guys taller than me are hard to come by, lol). Not being the sort of girl who follows guys to parties in neighborhoods she's never been to, I was a bit nervous at first. To my delight, when we got there it was actually one big jam session with a lot of really great guitar players, no orgies or scary drug dealers & the lovely Turkish lad played this song~I was definitely in love then;)

From the BBC television series Sharpe. This one is totally Ian's fault..I never would have discovered Sean Bean if it hadnt been for Ian and his Napoleonic wars fixation...but this is a great series and here is a delightful set of snapshots of the actor who is right up at the top of my "sorry honey, but I will always love a few Englishmen" list.


storybeader said...

I've always loved Led Zeppelin too. They also had great album covers. That's one thing we don't see anymore - albums! Nice post - perked up my morning!

Hot Rocks said...

Oh, I LOVE Led Zepplin...one of my most fave bands ao all time!

Pamela said...

Thanks for sharing, I love hearing new music, and the heart always beats a little harder for Sean Bean!

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