That's My Boys!

Im a grandma! My son, Matthew and his new baby boy Aidan Daniel, born this morning at 7:54am. We are all totally chuffed to welcome this delightful 'little fire' into our family..mother & baby are doing well, and dad is recovering, lol


Stacey K said…
Oh... how lovely. Congratulations to you and your family. Aidan looks gorgeous - enjoy being a grandma (at least you won't have those sleepless nights but you still get the love and cuddles).
All the best
Kristin :)
Congratulations, Karla!!!
squash said…
Wow, congratulations! You must be very happy.
Congratulations karla! He's a cutie :)
Youvegotmaille said…
He's beautiful!! Congrats Karla :) :) :)
storybeader said…
congrats. Seems like a lot of births lately.
Congratulations to you and your family!!! Aidan is so cute. Being a grandparent is the greatest joy.

Natalia said…
Ohhh this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your lovely boys with us Karla! xoxoxo
Anna said…
Congratulations Gramma! Sweet little boy grandchild you've got there!
Naija said…
Congratulations!!babies are so aaaawwwwwwwwww
djtammy said…
Karla, Congrats :-) baby Aidan is so cute :-)

Hmmp, first grandson? How does it feel to become a grandma? My mom was so excited when I gave birth last August.

Take care
AlteredGypsy said…
He is so precious!
Congratulations Karla & family!
aquariann said…
Yay! Congratulations. Your grandson is beautiful.
Mama Kelly said…
Congratulations and many blessings

Mama Kelly
Boutique Flair said…
Aww, congratulations. Aidan is beautiful!

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