Fun at the Faire

Yes, we really did make it back from Norman..I have just been VERY busy catching up since then:) I will do a proper post again soon, but in the meantime here are some photos from the Medieval Fair.

At right, Ian the circlet sellin Wizard in our Thyme2dream tent

Judith, our new elven friend in her Dragonrider Circlet, and Thyme2dream ear cuff and Inara bracelet/arm cuff

Our leather crafty friend Dave and Mary in their matching Dragon Rider circlets...he made us the most WONDERFUL leather pouches in trade..very handy for renfair garb that has nae pockets;-)

Our friend Oren and his wife made us newbies feel so welcome~looks great in his circlet and a new manly style of ear cuff I made at his request!!

Woodland Triquetra Jewelry Sets New at Thyme2dream

My new  Woodland Triquetra  collection includes A three leaf design reminiscent of the sacred triquetra Celtic knot symbol with your choice...

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