Fun at the Faire

Yes, we really did make it back from Norman..I have just been VERY busy catching up since then:) I will do a proper post again soon, but in the meantime here are some photos from the Medieval Fair.

At right, Ian the circlet sellin Wizard in our Thyme2dream tent

Judith, our new elven friend in her Dragonrider Circlet, and Thyme2dream ear cuff and Inara bracelet/arm cuff

Our leather crafty friend Dave and Mary in their matching Dragon Rider circlets...he made us the most WONDERFUL leather pouches in trade..very handy for renfair garb that has nae pockets;-)

Our friend Oren and his wife made us newbies feel so welcome~looks great in his circlet and a new manly style of ear cuff I made at his request!!


Apple Leigh said…
I just wanted to say these look great! I was out vending this weekend myself and of course had your ear cuffs on my fae costume which many people inquired about so I hope it all comes back around to you! You truly add some magic to the world :)
Dawno said…
Looks like a really great time was had by all. Your work is fabulous. Thank you for sharing.
SarahKelley said…
Oooooh somebody had fuuuun!!! Love that manly earcuff!!!!
storybeader said…
your tent looks great! So sorry that I missed you in Norman! {:-Deb
Jennifer Hunter said…
Wow! You have some beautiful stuff!! I will definitely check out your shop. God bless you!
Chris said…
Have a wonderful weekend!
Karla, your booth looks great! I love the crown displays, I was wondering how you would display them to advantage. :-) Oh, I like your booth banner, did you make it? I just made one (or two, lol) for my booth. How awesome to see so much of your goods in use on people!
Ruth said…
Very nice! Honestly though I giggled a bit when I read your "manly style ear cuff" comment, from looking at them in your shop I've thought your ear cuffs would look equally good on men and women. Maybe not the dangly ones, but the ones that just sit on the ear, definitely.
ChatElaine said…
Everything looks fab! Interesting to see what goes on in your 'neck of the woods'. Manly stuff is very difficult to gauge I reckon. I dont make any and not sure where to start really!! Sorry I havent popped in recently, glad you did so well at the Fair!! :0))
Thank you so much for sharing your pic's from the faire! Your tent looks great and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Maybe we'll see each other at a faire one day... And if we're lucky, we'll both be vending!

By the way, I nominated you for the Honest Scrap Award:

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