Magical Winter Collection from Artfire

Im sure that by the time January comes around I will be longing for spring again, but I do so love winter in its is another delightful collection, this time from Artfire (I finally figured out how to make a widget there;).

I LOVE the Meredith Dillman Christmas Light holiday print- and the snowflake guitar pick earrings are delightful as well..what are your favorites?

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Shinade said...

Hello my old friend. My hubby is home just for a few hours today and I have to get dinner done.

I just started back blogging after almost a year away and I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet.

Please drop your card in my EC box because I think I lost your address in blog roll.

I want to drop back by tomorrow and look through your shop!!

How's the grand baby? Toddling or walking now? We had a new granddaughter this year!!

Hope to hear from!!

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