The Jamie Leith Chronicles: Ian's Latest Adventure

My beloved wears many hats. Many of you are familiar with Ian as the Thyme2dream Circlet Wizard and purveyor of adornment for Dragon Riders at DragonRider Circlets on Etsy. For years now he has also been working behind the scenes on another creative endeavor and is now getting ready to launch his first historical adventure novel!

The Jamie Leith Chronicles follow the story of a young street urchin from Edinburgh Scotland beginning in the late 1600's. Ian has been a lifelong student of the history of his native Scotland, and it was only natural that his books would draw from real life experiences of his forefathers. In his first adventure, Opportunities, Jamie is caught up in Scotland's attempt to colonize Panama, the disastrous Darien venture.

I have had a wonderful time watching Jamie "grow"- from an original short story Ian wrote to make me smile- into an epic character who embodies the spirit that helped Scotland survive and thrive throughout her difficult history.

They are just finishing up the editing process and the book is expected to be released in April or early May. In the meantime, please join us on The Jamie Leith Chronicles Facebook page and on The Jamie Leith Chronicles Blog for updates and background information on this fascinating chapter in Scottish history.

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Creating Trouble said...

Hi. I always love your posts and think the photos you post are gorgeous too. The new book sounds great- and how wonderful to have watched it all grow!

I hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for a Stylish blog award. Just pop round to Creating Trouble to see more!

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