Springtime Fair Time- See You in Norman

FINALLY we have beautiful Spring weather here in Kansas- I returned from a weekend away to see my lovely little daffodils blooming their hearts out in our front garden and the windows are all open in the tree house as I work today! All of which means Renaissance Festival season is just around the corner:)

Our first fair of the year-for the 3rd year in a row- is the Norman Medieval Fair in Norman, Oklahoma April 1-3rd. We are will be in basically the same spot as last year, right near the west central gate of the fair (see heart on the map below) BUT we have a BRAND NEW TENT- so be on the lookout for our name, rather than our old familiar decorated easy-up. I dont have a photo yet, but we are in a new 10x20 foot canvas 'old style' tent- a lot more room and a bit more authentic. As always, mention this post and receive a FREE EAR CUFF as a thank you for stopping by.


Shaylynn said...

Hello! I was wondering... are you planning on going to the St. Louis RenFest (in Wentzville, the suburb)? We just moved to the area and I am so excited because it is the first Ren Fair I'll have ever gone to!


Thyme2dream said...

Hi Shaylynn- YES! We are headed to the St Louis Fair for the 1st two weekends as guest vendors:) It is our first year, so I dont have info yet on where in the faire we are located, but I will try to get the chance to post it tomorrow evening after we get our tent all set up:) HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE:)!!!!

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