The Fairies Discover Pinterest ~ See You in Twenty Years

Okay, not really twenty years, but Pinterest is so user friendly and fascinating that it IS easy to get lost there!  I just started last weekend and the fairies and I already have 11 boards, nearly 400 pins, have discovered several new creative blogs to follow and have been inspired with new ideas for art projects and jewelry designs! A sampling of the boards & treasures I have curated this week~

Magic Forest Home Decor
I grew up dreaming about faraway magic places like Rivendell and Neverland and I have determined that one day I WILL turn my home into a magic forest...
Among the things I have discovered to aid in the transformation is this fanciful Jasmin Swing from Myburgh Designs (not to mention the magical hand crafted caravan it is sitting next to;)

Gypsy Starchild Groovy Stuff Style Board
I was born a poor hippie child...well, okay not that poor, but guitars, patchouli, long hair and rainbows are some of my earliest memories. Oh yes, and I am a REAL Bohemian by birth...
On this board I am collecting things that express my style - hard to "pin" down, so it has a wide range-clothes, places etc that make my inner gypsy sparkle (why yes, I did include Johnny Depp & Jimi Hendrix on this board as well;). The beautiful ancient roses dress below was pinned by a friend who pinned it from a friend who originally found it on Sarah Froud's costume board!

Fairy Things

Some of my bestest friends are of the fae...
This is one of the first boards I started, a place in include all manner of random things fae. I had seen a photo of a gorgeous building with fairy like architecture on Facebook a few weeks ago and someone told me it was in Barcelona, Spain. When I pinned it to the board I got a comment from a fellow pinner that informed me it was by Antoni Gaudi. For a lover of all things Mucha, I was woefully under-informed about Art Nouveau Architecture, and I found that Gaudi was someone I needed to investigate further..I will be doing a post exclusively on him soon:)

Are you on Pinterest? Let me know and I will follow you~ Leave a comment below with a favorite pin or suggestion for one of my boards so I can add to the fun! I will be featuring more boards and discoveries here soon~ I can tell this is an adventure that is just beginning!


mermaiden said...

such eye candy!

Paula said...

I know what you mean about Pinterest. And I love your pins. The Fairy world is wonderful place. Your art jewelry is beautiful.

Cynthia Garner said...

You are a girl after my own heart.... :)

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