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Well, here I am finally on

I just got the myspace thing figured out, and here comes another one for me to try. We will see what happens. I started all this over on Yahoo 360-a platform I adore-but they are shutting down sometime soon, so I decided to transfer some of my writings from there. The first few posts here will be "archives" from the past couple of years. A lot of what I write about will be jewelry and my pursuits in that line, but creative muses often fly together, so I will include other things as the mood first few archived posts will demonstrate...

Here's my first ever blog post from 2006:

Disclaimers (Sort of )

Getting some disclaimers out of the way first... (self-concious? moi?)
A couple three things about my blog that may bug you if you are really smart:
  • ... see the elipses? I OVER use them. I see them as continuing thoughts...and my thoughts are never completely finished... See what I mean?

  • I also use emoticons a lot:-) (smilies is the term I prefer) This bugs my sons, who are actually verbal geniuses and dont need emoticons, because when they write something their words alone express their emotions and thoughts wonderfully. For me however I like using the smilies when I am writing informally, or 'conversing' with someone online. I have a very expressive face, and I use my hands to speak...trying to get that all into a sentence is a challenge that I sometimes can't be arsed with. I think I will try to include a whole separate entry on smiling and its importance in our modern world.

  • One important thing to remember...I dont smile when I dont mean it:-). I pretty much love everyone in the world most of the time, and you are my friend unless you have worked hard to prove otherwise. For the record, Yahoo Messenger has the absolute best emoticons available online..I love that little angel thing..and the winkie one, and the hug:-)

  • Lastly, (for this list) I write sentences that are too long (and include way to0 many things in parenthesis), but again, if you know me, you know this is also how I speak.

I can write properly, and have so far earned straight A's in all my college tho, I will just sort of speak informally on the cyberpaper, and try not to be too annoying:-).

Tuesday June 13, 2006 - 03:05pm (CDT)

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