There Be Dragons!

Dragon Rider of Pern Circlet 

My longsuffering beloved finally got tired of being surrounded by all the "girlie" jewelry here in our treehouse...he declared himself an independant artisan today and opened his own MANLY circlet shop on etsy called "PernCirclets"...the amazing thing about this man is that he keeps pulling new talents out of his hat.

Here is the banner he made for his shop:

He drew the dragon many years ago in is on a Boudhran (Celtic Drum) that he used to play and which now hangs above the fireplace in our house. So he took a photo of the drum, played with it a LOT in photoshop, and that is what popped out. Guess I know how to pick 'em:-).

To see Ian's Manly Shop of Circlets visit:
PernCirclets Etsy Shop

1 comment:

marci said...

Well, all the best to Ian and his new shop. Great job on the banner! I like that font too.

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