Mucha & Me

Art Nouveau, tales of Lothlorien and Neverland, Alphonse Mucha's artistic love affair with Sarah Bernhardt...all came together in the inspiration for my Elven Dreams Art Nouveau Cuff.

There is definately a "fae-vintage" air about this piece and it can be worn as a bracelet as shown in the photos, or stretched a bit to fit as an upper arm cuff. I wear mine as a very exotic ankle bracelet~there are many different possibilities!

I love the art of Alphonse Mucha! Anyone who has been to my house can tell by all the Mucha (pronounced "moo-kah") artworks that adorn my walls. He was a fierce Czech nationalist, and I like to think I might be related to him somewhere back there- my maternal grandparents are from the same region where he was born. One of the highlights of my first trip to Scotland was attending a Mucha Exhibit in Edinburgh..All of my most beloved Mucha works were there, including the amazing and inspiring Slav Epic series that he painted in honor of his homeland....I could have stayed in the gallery for days!!

I have been especially inspired by the jewelry he adorned his portrait models with, as well as the designs he actually had made into jewelry pieces in collaboration with French jeweler Georges Fouquet. While I am certainly no Mucha, this bracelet has a lot of that love and admiration incorporated into it.

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