With Wings As Eagles~ A Pendant

"They shall mount up with wings as eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint."

When I first looked at this incredible stone, I thought it could represent an eagle or a dove...I am walking through a very tough time in my life at present, and the words of the ancient Hebrew prophet spoke to me in the strength of this stone...for now, I choose eagle!

This pendant was created for the Wire Artisans Guild Earth Day challenge.
Sometimes the most difficult thing in wire wrapping a natural element is to simply stay out of the way of nature's handiwork. As I created this piece, I felt that the beauty of the stone celebrated Earth Day in its own uniquely eloquent way and the simplicity of the wrap fit in with the "au naturale" theme we chose for the challenge.

Chinese Writing Stone (aka Porphory) is usually cut to feature its inclusions of andalusite crystals against the black limestone matrix. These often have a Chinese character look to them, which gives the stone its common name. In this rare cut, the bead is finished so that the matrix with crystals is seen a bit at the top and on the sides, and the beautiful red shape is allowed to shine as the focal point of the piece.

This will be my first piece included in the Wire Artisans Guild Team shop on Etsy. Our grand opening is scheduled for next week, and With Wings as Eagles will be available to purchase there once the shop is open:

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