Sophia's Fairy Woods Ear Cuff

Available now in my Etsy shop: Thyme2dream
This is a variation of my Lothlorien Spring fairy earcuff, and named in honor of the newest member of our Clan, my niece Sophia. She arrived in our midst on Tax Day (we like it much better now,lol) and has been a wee bundle of joy ever since. Purple is her mum's favorite colour and the pink leaves in this cuff reminded me of her cute little baby pink cheeks:

The Gatherin'...Snow, Wind, Tiaras & fun!!!

Ian and I went to WaKeeney, Kansas this past weekend to take part in Th' Gatherin', an ancient Scottish style festival in the middle of the Great Plains. When we got there the night before it was snowing and blowing and they had blizzard whiteout conditions two counties was weird weather for May 2nd- even for Kansas! When we walked into the local pub for dinner, we were greeted by a 20ft tall Christmas tree fully decorated- turns out Wakeeney is the "Christmas City of the High Plains" so there was a plausible explanation...but it did make us feel like we had stepped into a wintery time warp!

Luckily after a cold windy start to the morning, Saturday warmed up nicely and the famous Kansas prairie wind finally died down enough that my earcuffs quit blowing away! We had a busy day of it~ our band Glenfinnan was playing in addition to the jewelry booth being set up. Luckily we found some nice folks to mind the shop for us while we were onstage so Thyme2dream was up and running the entire day. Lots of fun folks in costume, ancient scottish garb, KILTS, faery wings, whatever you could think of...our weird and wonderful jewelry and circlets fit right in:-) Here are some photos of our lovely and talented customers:

Liz looks right at home in the lovely Onyx and Amethyst Dragonrider Circlet designed by Ian and available in his shop: Pern Circlets on Etsy

A bit askew, but these little princesses looked lovely in their fairytale tiaras! The Aurora and Ariel tiaras are available in my shop: Thyme2dream on Etsy

Cricket is the leader of a talented Celtic band called The Lucky Charms...looks a bit Irish doesnt she;-)? She will soon be featuring some of our wares in her shop in Leavenworth, Kansas. This Tree Sprite Mistletoe tiara is also available at: Thyme2dream on Etsy
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