Kyanite: Blue Calming Wisdom...

Okay, I know I keep saying "this stone is my favorite", but I can't help it, they all ARE:)! Kyanite is so calm and strong, and most beautiful in its rough form straight from the earth. This blade is one that I bought a long time ago when I stumbled upon a whole table of it selling in bulk at a rock shop in the Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee. This was my first introduction to Kyanite and I have loved it ever since. This is a one of a kind pendant and available in my Natural Stone Pendants section of my Thyme2dream Etsy shop

UPDATE: This pendant has now sold! I do have more kyanite however, so feel free to contact me through etsy or my website for a custom order:)


Fanciful Expressions said...

Beautiful work. I was just browsing around Etsy and came upon your things. Then checked out your blog.
Keep up the lovely work and I'm sure I'll be back.


marci said...

This is indeed beautiful! I love the color of it.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I truely love your work... having to blog roll your blog too!
See you soon,
Sara x

Carolina said...

Hi Thyme!
I'm Carolina from My Little Magick Shop at Dawanda - I just wanted to tell you I'm adding you to my blogroll - and will be visiting often of course!
That kyanite pendant is gorgeous, I can see why it sold so fast! Your work is all gorgeous!

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