Amber & Jet Mabon Treasures @ Thyme2dream

Just a wee photo gallery of my Amber & Jet Mabon range...can you believe summer is almost over?

Amber & Jet are wonderfully organic, lightweight "Stones" and are delightful in jewelry. It is a combination that has been used in magickal jewelry for centuries.

Look for the matching Bracelet, Necklace,Earrings and Ear Cuff in my Etsy shop!

To find them easily from any page in my Etsy Shop, follow the Shop home link in the upper right corner, and once there search for keyword "mabon"


magickshop said…
Beautiful! These are the colours of our volcanos :).
Marlaine said…
These pieces are all soooo pretty! Love them!
Brandy said…
These are absolutely gorgeous. Very reminescent of fall.
triz said…
these are al sooo beautiful!!! Love the colours!!! gorgeous!!! :-)
Beaderjojo said…
Your new designs are beautiful. Very Autumn, perfect for the upcoming season. =)

BTW I've tagged you to spread the linky love. Please check out this post and join in if you like. Or now, whatever you fancy.
Have a great weekend!
Your designs are always so exquisite!
Eric S. said…
Those pieces are beautifully crafted. Done in such a combination as not to enervate each other. It's too bad summer is almost over, but I look forward to some cooler weather. Thanks for stopping by.
thebeadedlily said…
I hearted you shop way before, but I just found your blog and with it a chance to gush over your gorgeous work! Love, love, love it!
Netta said…
Beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

Love it :)
rkdsign88 said…
fantastic artwork, gorgeous :)
karen said…
wow! these are beautiful trinkets!

have a nice weekend!

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