Elven Forest Autumn Tapestry Collection

I love the first signs of Autumn in the forest...leaves are just beginning to turn, and the deep greens mingle with the sudden red, orange and copper that appears in ever increasing measure as we say goodbye to the year.

Czech glass leaves, swarovski pearls & crystals combine to make this autumn fantasy necklace. The pendant also features a garnet heart and a wee piece of amber for a bit of added magic;)

This necklace is the first in my Elven Forest Autumn collection,to include earrings, ear cuff, bracelet, tiara, hair combs and more. If you would like any of these items before they are listed, just drop me a line!

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That is totally gorgeous!! I so admire your work.
Sharon said…
I'm a friend of Laurie's and found you through her blog. Love your work, so whimsical! All the best to you ~ Sharon
Youvegotmaille said…
You take those czech glass leaves that I never particularly liked, looking at them just strung together, and do magic with them. Inexplicably, I've started buying them ;)

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