Gypsy Starchild Defines Her Fashion

So I was signing up for Stylehive the other day, and trying to figure out how to fit myself, (ie: gypsy starchild jesusgirl pagan friendly hippie chick celtophile princess) into the "fashionable" hive world...

It just wasn't working. I mean, I make ice crowns and unicorn horns...and why are there no categories for ear cuffs, arm cuffs, or Elven headdress on Stylehive?

Then I remembered the little one line description I came up with when someone asked me to describe what I do for a living: "I create jewelry for discerning Faerys & Elven Folk and have recently discovered that mortals like it too." And suddenly I had it:

I'm a Fae Elven Fashionista

Watch out Fashion I come



Altered-gypsy said...

Sometimes you do have to carve your own path in the world! I think you have found it! Stylehive is conventional not very creative.

JoJoBell said...

Mortals are slow to catch on!

rkdsign88 said...

Fashion world no doubt will love your works :)

Lotta said...

That's a brilliant description, Karla!

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