Emergency Weddings

Ian & I are just finishing up an order for 22 tiaras (WOOSH!) for a wedding in California...this one was exciting because they sort of waited til the last minute to order, so we had 2 weeks to finish them all. Hey, we LOVE a challenge..and I love to make people happy, so it was a natural for us! ANYWAY, in the interest of another quick post today, here is a preview of the first tiara:

These are based loosely on my Lothorien Crystal Forest Hair Vine (really more of a spray, but I couldnt call it a hair spray now could I?) and will be available in my Etsy shop soon...we have lots of other tiara designs too, and are always open to custom orders...contact us any time, even in an emergency;)


Designing Hilary said...

*le swoon*

(I hope you're charging a premium because of the "rush" order.)

Deb DiSalvo said...

That is simply divine! Love it.

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