Gustav DID Weaken, but still threatens...

So the good news is,
"Latest data from the Hurricane Hunters at 8:30 am EDT shows that Gustav continues to weaken, with the pressure now 957 mb, and no surface winds above Category 2 strength observed. Cold water that the hurricane stirred up from the depths plus the effects of wind shear caused the eyewall to collapse a few hours before landfall, resulting in weakening."

"The main concern from Gustav is the storm surge. NHC is still predicting a 10-14 foot storm surge along the east side of New Orleans (Figure 2). This storm surge is characteristic of a Category 3 hurricane, providing a significant test of New Orleans' rebuilt levee system. Recent tide gauge readings from the east side of New Orleans show that a storm surge in excess of 7 feet has already occurred in Lake Borgne (Figure 1)."

So keep the positive energy flowing towards the region everyone:)

This info and other fun scientific sort of stuff can all be found here:

Dr Jeff Master's Wunderblog

I will get back to jewelry later tonight or tomorrow..promise;)

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