Quick Update: Keep the Gulf Coast in Your Prayers

Hey everyone....just a quick update as I have been following the news about Hurricane Gustav (junior meteorologist, thats me;). The storm lost a lot more intensity than originally forecast whilst going over Cuba, but is forecast to pick up again before landfall.

Im just asking my friends of all faiths from all around the world to join me in praying for those affected in the Gulf region. This storm is trying to follow Katrina's path of destruction where people are just finally beginning get back to normal. Lets pray it doesn't, or at least that it dissipates significantly before landfall...a miracle would be delightful wouldn't it? :-)


MySweetThree said…
I certainly am praying, right along with you, for all of those that are in the hurricanes path..
Marlaine said…
I've been following this for days and I'll join you in praying for the folks in the area.
Yes, you can count me in. I will include in my prayers that Hurricane Gustav would not hit landfall and would just traverse the seas. Thanks for your post. God bless.

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