Joy Bubbles

We had a lovely family picnic at my dad's house this evening. While we were there, my sister (the amazing photographer!) & my nephew helped me get some photos of a new addition to my shop- joy bubble wands.

The term "joy bubbles" is sort of a concept I came up with when I was going through a difficult time in my life and realized that the best way to make it through was to enjoy the little things that could be enjoyed no matter what else was happening. Like little "bubbles of joy" in the midst of trials.

Some days it was harder to find something to smile about, but I remembered reading the truth that Joy from God was a fruit of the Holy Spirit within me, so it was never impossible. The more I looked for them the more the bubbles got bigger and the problems got is a STRONG force in our lives!

The thing about joy is that it is totally different from happiness. Happiness can depend on our mood, depend on our circumstances, depend on the chemical reactions within our bodies, depend on other people, depend on our surroundings..the key thing is it DEPENDS. Joy on the other hand doesn't depend- it just is. Our connection to joy is rooted in the one thing we can control...our REACTION to all the things I just mentioned. Choices are always there waiting to be made...even if its only a little bubble to start with, joy is always there inside waiting to be discovered:)


marci said…
oh this is awesome ~ made my cry :)
JoJoBell said…
Wonderful post Karla...and the photos are spectacular! Your words describe what many feel but cannot express.
Love, love, love, love, love!!!!!

Dayna said…
So true...I am sad this week at loosing one of my fur babies to cancer but even with tears I am finding the joy in her memories.
SpiritMama said…
How beautiful, I agree completely.
beweaver said…
Great idea! I love this!
What a fantastic concept- this bubble of joy is. Yes, it can counteract all situations in life if we focus on the joy in our heart brought about by the very presence of the Holy Spirit inside God's temple. Thanks for this joyful post. God bless you always.
Beaderjojo said…
Your bubble wands are lovely! I really like the green one.
And your sister is a great photographer too!
Those are son would love them!

Siret said…
Thank You for sharing Joy :)
thebeadedlily said…
Lovely and interesting post:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I loved the point about happiness depending.
Thank you so much for dropping by. Wow...I found someone that likes Andy Williams. That's kind of fun. Now I wouldn't get his cd (although my husband did), but I'm doing good to have enjoyed him. He's about 82-83 now.

By the way I too like visiting your blog. Those bubble wands are amazing! Talk about fantastically whimsical! Take care
My Bug Life said…
Ooh..lovely bubble wands! Thanks for the drop :)

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