Tree Sprites, Wood Nymphs & Mistletoe fancies

Inspired by the sacred mistletoe plant that grows in the mighty oaks of Britain (favorite adornment of tree sprites & wood nymphs everywhere)

Although we usually think of Christmas decorations and kissing when we think of mistletoe, it is actually one of the most sacred herbs in Druid lore. As Ellen Evert Hopman says in her delightful book "A Druid's Herbal":

"Not quite herb,not quite tree-beyond the limitations of classification,freed from the restrictions of convention & resembling a constellation of stars suspended in midair from the bough of a sacred tree-such is the 'spirit' of this plant. It belongs to the in-between times of dusk and dawn, or the exact interval between two seasons~ a gateway to something 'other'."

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Heathen's Hearth said...

Oh, that is gorgeous! I love it!

Meg said...

the crown is sooo beautiful!!!

Beadsme said...

I love this too. Gorgeous colours.

Ginny said...

My daughter would love that crown, just beautiful!

Brandy said...

This is gorgeous. I love the light green-blue colors. Wonderful work!!

JoJoBell said...

Oh Karla! What a fantastic ring! Post these on the WAG flickr page. You have to share!

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