Chaos Conquering & a Partial Plethora of Rings

I have been a bit disappeared lately dealing with some major chaos that needs conquering in my life...partly due to the mixed blessing of having such a close-knit extended family (which I wouldn't trade for anything- I LOVE my crazy family!) and partly just due to the daily "stuff happens" experiences we all go through.

ANYWAY- this is just a general post to tell you all that I love you and havent forgotten you, even tho I am behind in thanking several people for Blog Awards (thank you everyone, I will get them updated here eventually) EntreCard dropping, and other important cyberworld things. I am taking the next few days to focus totally on getting caught up with orders, etc and then will be back in full force:)

In the meantime, I will post new photos as I have is a partial plethora of new rings I will be listing in my Etsy shop soon:


Achtung! said...

These are lovely! I absolutely adore your work.

Leslie said...

Wow, those are beautiful. You did a really great job. I love the colors & the way they are designed.

marci said...

i miss you too!!!! These are BEAUTIFUL! :)

Phoebe said...

beautiful jewelry you have! I love your work - the beauty, the elegance and the wonderful colour!

Heathen's Hearth said...

Those are really lovely :)

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