Circlets, Crowns & Tiaras SALE at Squidoo

In a shameless effort to promote my Squidoo lens (I was in the top 100 in arts for a week and it was addictive, lol) I have decided to keep a shop special posted there at all times.

From now until Oct 31st I have a $10 coupon listed for Circlets, Crowns or Tiaras- so its a great chance for you to feel like a princess, fairy queen or just be fancy.

Guys- we have manly men styles too...for your lord of the manor look (yes the ladies DO think guys in circlets are sexy-just look at how we swooned over the LOTR boys;-)

Even if you dont need a circlet just now, please stop by Thyme2dream Squidoo and say hello:-)


storybeader said...

nice! love the Medieval feel...

Crayonmonster said...

I've never seen anything like these! Cool!

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