Autumn Wedding & Warmth Treasuries

WOW- I am honored to be included in this gorgeous Etsy wedding treasury..its running until Wednesday noon, so pop in tonight and take a closer look if you get a chance:)

And then that got me to looking through the others, and here is this beautiful autumn colour treasury that features my Elven Dreams Art Nouveau arm cuff. This is so lovely it is hard to believe its RizSedek's first treasury! Its running until Thursday.




Jewelry Rockstar said...

Oh wow! So you can be in the treasury and not know it?

Thyme2dream said...

Yes! I finally figured out that you can go and look to see every couple of days- if you see a gold star next to a treasury (over to the right side of the name) you are in it- be sure you are logged in or the star wont show up. I forget to do it half the time, but the curator of the wedding treasury convo'd me to let me know, and that reminded me to look at the others:)

storybeader said...

love that arm cuff - very pretty!

Mireio said...

Oh, wow! Your tiaras are amazing. Love them. (I need to find a reason to wear one. )

Pink Pig said...

Greetings from the Pink Pig. I would just like to comment that your work is exceptional! Nice detail....A one-of-a kind shop on Etsy and by far the best shop I have seen!!!

Bravo to you and i will be back for more!


Youvegotmaille said...

I saw that autumn wedding treasury, and when I saw that you were in it, nodded to myself... an autumn wedding wouldn't be RIGHT without one of your tiaras. Makes me wish I could get married again ;) One of these days I am definitely going to spring for one of your (or Ian's) circlets.

By the way... you're TAGGED! (see my blog for your solemn responsibilities as a taggee)

Artisan Beaded & Wire Wrapped Jewelry said...

Gorgeous treasuries and gorgeous pieces! Way to go!

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