The Magical Land of the South Wind seen through the eyes of an amazing photographer!

Daniel Coburn's most recent book~ available for sale here

My sister and I went to Lawrence this afternoon to catch the final day of a photography exhibit of Daniel Coburn's black & white Kansas! I know its cliched, but on the way home I was thinking about the dramatic scene in the Wizard of Oz where the film goes from the drab "Kansas" black & white to the weird technicolor of early a child I thought that was SO amazing! The exhibit today was like walking through another door, into an even more magical place. If you look closely, Kansas really is was another of those proud to be a Daughter of the South Wind moments:)

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storybeader said...

great book cover. I'm another plains girl, and the landscapes are beautiful, once you get out in the "country"

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming out to my show and book signing. It was great to meet you and see Marci again. I really enjoy looking at your blog and your jewelry is beautiful. I've got some holiday shopping to do soon, so I'll be in touch.

All the best,

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