Fairy Costume Jewelry Set: Tiara, Ear Cuff, Arm Cuff (Bracelet)

A couple of Fairy costume sets I made for a customer this week...for her girls age 5 and 8 to wear with their halloween costumes- I cant wait to see the photos of the complete outfits:)


Creative Pride said…
I have wanted to make hair pieces including circlets like you have here, but I have no idea how to make them. I have made chainmail, wire and beaded jewelry in the past, but I have never made a hair piece. Do you have a tutorial? Thanks!
storybeader said…
really cute sets. Love to see the photos.
Politi Gal said…
Oh, those are beautiful! I bet those turn the two girls into super-cute, super-smiley little Fairy princesses!
Your work is so beautiful!

I have a friend who would LOVE your stuff--I know where I am getting her Christmas present this year. :)
BeadCrazy said…
I found you on Etsy then I saw u had a blog so I HAD to check it out! You're GREAT at what you do!

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