Gypsy Starchild Ponders Election Day

Yes, I'm joining everyone to say

And when the election is over,
my prayer is that no matter who wins,
we can all start working together as a country
to solve the problems that face us

In my humble opinion,the biggest problem over the past 20 years or so has not been this president or that, this congress or has been the violent, vitriolic divide that has split our country in two.

So I ask everyone on both sides of this great divide:
love your brothers & sisters
in word, in deed, in prayer

Perfect Love Casts out Fear
Fear is What Divides Us.
Joy Bubbles



Rose Works Jewelry said...

I agree! great post :)

raz said...

i also agree...let's all come together to support President Obama ;)

(but seriously though i do agree here)


Alice said...

Let's gather together to support and promote caring, letting go of party alliances to do what's right and to support whomever is wearing the governance hats to unravel, unknot, and try to prevent new tangles in a tapestry of love.

Mommy Bee said...

I'm with you. i've had several conversations with siblings/parents and I know we're not all voting for the same people. BUT, we all have enough respect to like each other anyway...and to hope that, whomever is elected, we'll all be able to make progress from here on in!

I just discovered you today via the etsybloggers ring, and I LOVE your blog and your shop! Awesome stuff! I'll be adding hyou to my favorites for sure. :)

marci said...

Nicely said. You know I agree with you. :)

Archeress said...

Done! Voted, and it was a pleasant surprise to not see the polling place packed to the gills, or the parking lot crammed with people waving signs.

I really hear you on this, though. I've seen some people I respected prior to this election dissolve into snarky and downright mean people, going from cool calm to bitchy at the drop of a hat.

I will be enormously happy when tonight is over - and will do my complaining (or shouts of joy) after the tally's over, in the company of some good friends who won't snark me. :)

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