Not Yer Granny's Edinburgh

Sort of a Wordless Wednesday..but My DH will tell you Im never wordless!

Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world, and I have some other lovely photos of it...quite like picture postcards actually. These however are the interesting ones!

We just survived one of the weirdest months I have ever been through..I promise to do a blog post on it once I get all caught up with things, but just to give you a preview, my wild October included Ian being stuck in Edinburgh unable to get back home due to a green card issue. That's been sorted now, he's home (YAY!!), and I can look back and happily recall the last time I got to visit Scotland. These photos were taken when I was there with Ian in 2005. You can click on the photo to go to the original Tabblo- that will allow you to read the very cool captions I wrote;)


storybeader said...

great architecture!

Creative Pride said...

Nice Pictures!

I also wanted to let you know that I included you briefly in a post I did on my blog, Creative Pride News.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

*sigh* I would so love to visit Edinburgh some day!

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