Speaking of Grandmas...

...Mine is 92 today!!


This is my Celtic Valentine 2 in 1 cuff that I dedicated to my grandma when I created it for an Etsy Challenge last year...I made my first ear cuff because my then 88 year old grandma wanted one and has always believed I could do anything- I couldn't disappoint her now could I?

Grandma is my best friend, and has always managed somehow to be very cool and yet still very grandma-ish all at the same time...she was the one I heard saying things were "groovy" when I was little, and I think she was the grooviest;-).

She 92 today and still going strong and my earcuffs have become the cornerstone of what is now a full time business for me! I wanted to take a moment here on her birthday to say:

!!THANK YOU GRANDMA! I love you:-)!!

Just for fun...here is a photo taken on her 89th birthday- no, thats not her Harley, it belongs to my brother in law..but the photo was her idea;-)


storybeader said...

that's great that you're close to you grandma!

I love your earcuffs - I used to wear earrings, but haven't for years. I'll buy something yet - maybe not very long - in length.

Altered-gypsy said...

A fellow scorpio...Wish your grandmother a very "Happy Birthday"...and I wish her many more!

: )

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

Mommy Bee said...

what a cool grandma!
And the ear cuffs are AWESOME

Angel said...

She is adorable, and what a wonderful inspiration for you to have. All of your ear cuffs are so beautiful!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

The last picture is an award winner .... Excellent!!!!

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