Magical Elven Journey Bag from Sol Sisters & a SALE

I just found out that my friend over at SolSisters Studio featured my jewelry on her blog WITH This absolutely delightful Eloria Elven Journeys Bag AND ITS ON SALE!!! It is normally $50, it is reduced to $30 ONLY until 9am pacific time tomorrow (Tues Dec 2nd)- that gives you east coasters til noon, so no worries;)

Since it IS a perfect match with my Rivendell & Fairy Bower pieces, I decided I would give an extra bonus to go along with it..IF you buy the bag, you can take an extra $5 off any order with me (yes, that includes HOLIDAY SALE items as well..and I just added the Rivendell Earrings to the sale)

Be sure to visit SolSisters Studio to get offer code...before someone else snatches it up!!


SolSisters said...

My bag and Thyme's jewels? You'd be nuts to pass up this twitter-born sale!

Pamela said...

If you want to play, you've been tagged!

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