Sunday, November 30, 2008

All That Glitters Gold for Christmas Sale

Lothlorien Crystal Forest Earrings

Ive been having SOOO much fun marking things down and putting them in my HOLIDAY SALE section on Etsy. I went sort of random in my choices, but also decided to include some of my favorite Christmas colour are some from the Glittery Gold & Sparklies colour range (aka Lothlorien Crystal Forest Collection;)

Lothlorien Crystal Forest Necklace

Fairy Lights Magic Forest Ring

Midsummer Night Fairy Arm Cuff/Bracelet


Cally the Wild Aspie said...

Humbly I offer an Inde Sapien Choice Award, for your gorgeous wearable art (and often hilarious tweets). Please visit to accept a copy of the Award image.

I give thanks for you!

ChatElaine said...

I just love the cuff and want to do some myself but not sure where to start!!! Gorgeous!

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