All That Glitters Gold for Christmas Sale

Lothlorien Crystal Forest Earrings

Ive been having SOOO much fun marking things down and putting them in my HOLIDAY SALE section on Etsy. I went sort of random in my choices, but also decided to include some of my favorite Christmas colour are some from the Glittery Gold & Sparklies colour range (aka Lothlorien Crystal Forest Collection;)

Lothlorien Crystal Forest Necklace

Fairy Lights Magic Forest Ring

Midsummer Night Fairy Arm Cuff/Bracelet


Cally the Wild Aspie said...

Humbly I offer an Inde Sapien Choice Award, for your gorgeous wearable art (and often hilarious tweets). Please visit to accept a copy of the Award image.

I give thanks for you!

ChatElaine said...

I just love the cuff and want to do some myself but not sure where to start!!! Gorgeous!

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