Merry Christmas Everyone!

My favorite family portrait so far this year..this is my niece and her delightful family at the end of a long photo shoot for Christmas portraits..this about sums up Christmas at our house..happy & tired. Also, below is my favorite bit from A Charlie Brown Christmas:)

~Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
& a blessed New Year~


storybeader said…
cute family pic!
♪♫♫Wishing you a Merry Christmas♪♫♫♪
Asara Dragoness said…
Merry Christmas to you as well!
I got a Thyme2Dream box under the Christmas tree this year!
A beautiful ear cuff that I will absolutely love wearing.
Thank you for dropping your entrecard on my blog all those months ago :)
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year too to you and your loved ones. God bless you always.
ChatElaine said…
Lovely family piccie, Happy & Prosperous New Year for 2009. :0)
Elaine x

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