Procrastinators unite & save some money too

(one size fits all & INSTANT delivery;)

I'm busily working through the first ever Christmas rush in my shop-which means that I have not shopped for a SINGLE Christmas present for anyone on my list. Luckily, I have started the family tradition of Gift Certificates!! Not just any old GC will do you know..I think carefully about each individual on my list and give them a gift card to some place I think they will love- and maybe even one that they haven't discovered yet!! I also dress them up nicely little wrapped packages so we have lots of magical wee parcels under our tree.

Sound like fun? If you are a bit of a procrastinator like me, and have a special fae-elven someone on your list I would like to help you with your Christmas shopping;). Now through Christmas all my gift certificates are 20% off..that means $20 will get you $25, $40 gets you $50 and so on!

PS~yes, its perfectly fine if you would just like to buy one for yourself;-)


storybeader said…
neat idea! GS are a great way to go!
That's a fantastic idea! It's something I don't offer yet in my shop but I should...
squash said…
Hi! I love your creations, you are a real artist! I love the Mucha bracelet the most, but everything you do is simply amazing.

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