Fees or NO fees? An Artfire Question

so hmmm...I pay $100 or more in Etsy fees per month..over all not a bad deal, I sell a lot there and Etsy is a wonderful place to be, I will always keep my shop there. BUT- what if I could sell the same number of items (or more!) and only pay $7 per month?

That's what ArtFire is offering-no other charges anywhere..no listing fees, no final value fees- $7 per month thats it! AND- if I refer 10 people who sign up for the $7 per month membership, I get mine TOTALLY FREE for life:) You can too..follow the link or click on the logo below to sign up, help me and then recruit your friends!!

Register on ArtFire.com

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade


How long am I signing up for?
As long as you like..the $7 per month is for as long as you are continuously a member, but you can cancel any time:)

Will I get sales there?
Artfire is in its very early days, but growing like mad...like any sales site, it will help if you promote your shop, but Im looking forward to an exciting time as the site continues to expand and grow!

What About my Etsy Shop?
Artfire is so cool, they even let you LINK TO YOUR ETSY SHOP from their site..and the new "Market Hub" feature allows people to easily connect to you on Etsy and on all your social networking sites with just a click.

Other Questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below:)



intothedawn said...

I have been thinking about joining there, I found them a couple of weeks ago. Wondered what other people thought of the site and if they liked it. Thanks for posting about it.

Youvegotmaille said...

So... how are your sales over there doing? I haven't sold a thing but my shop is still pathetic. :)

Anonymous said...

I made an account, if for nothing else than to lock my user name. I used you as a ref. too ^.^

One thing I notice about this site is that they publicly list your City and state, that's not something I am comfortable with. At least Etsy gives yous the option to list State/Country or nothing at all.

andrew&carmelsuarezministry said...

I have given you an award its in my blog. you go and get it pls. thanks.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

I set up a free shop over there, and have been thinking about sucking up the $7 and giving it a shot.

Karri said...

Thanks for letting others know and providing info. Nice to see artists trying to help one another in these trying times.


Anonymous said...

I have been really thinking about ARtfire for some time now...I think you have finally convinced me :] Thanx for your post!

Anonymous said...

nice work

TwoLittleWitches said...

Tried it... no views at all.
And looking around, it's not just me. ;o)

Thyme2dream said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I was on ArtFire for about a month before things started popping, but as I began to list more and more everything started to pick up very quickly.

I am still not going to totally do away with my other sites..I love Etsy, DaWanda, WinkElf, & Silkfair too..and I plan to make a go of just a bridal shop on 1000markets.com, but Artfire is definitely a good addition to my "family" of shops:)

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