Heart of Inara Serenity Necklace

Firefly wins the Thyme2dream award for most exquisite costumes I have ever seen in a television programme! The series captivated in so many ways, fascinating concept, unique storylines, delightfully quirky characters~I loved it. For me however, Shawna Trpcic's costumes stole the show every time! Inara Serra, the haunting companion who's storyline got SO interesting just before the show ended prematurely, was the inspiration for this necklace.


squash said…
Every time I visit your blog I enjoy the exquisite beauty of your creations. This necklace is a good example of it, so lovely.
Youvegotmaille said…
Oh, this is so perfect. Loved Firefly so much... *sigh*
I love Firefly! Beautiful necklace :)
SarahKelley said…
I've always drooled over Inara's clothes!
storybeader said…
love the stems for the leaves!
beautiful work!
Hello! I was trying to ec drop but I just cant get to it. sorry. It always tells me to get one. Where I already have logged in my entrecard. maybe next time.
star said…
your work is so exquisite and beautiful!! just gorgeous.

i also tagged you. :)

Henry said…
I love it.Beautiful necklace...
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lunaticg said…
Excellent and creative work of art you have made my friend.
SLColman said…
This necklace is just exquisite!! Sending DH the link and hoping that he totally takes a hint!!
Shinade said…
Hi it's good to be back. Congratulations on being featured.

Wow I had forgotten just how incredible your work truly is.

All of it is simply beautiful!!

Happy Day:-)

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