Wire Wrapping & Sexy Accents

Or should I call it wire RAPPING? Anyway, I am honored to be co-hosting the Etsy Wire Artisans Guild's featured afternoon on BlockHead Radio live this Saturday Feb 21 at 1-3pm Eastern Time. In addition to my boring Kansas twang, we will be joined by many of our members from all around the globe to give the show a truly international flair(including Natalia in Australia who is getting up at 4:30am to be there!!)

If you have never experienced it, BlockHead Radio is a lot of fun~a live chat room accompanies the program, allowing everyone to join in the fun. Click the promo above or go to BlockheadRadioLive.com to participate!!


glentwistle said...

Hey way to go. I will be sure to try and listen in!

storybeader said...

great looking work!

Naija said...

I love all your work,I wish all the jewelleries :)congrats to the job

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