St Patrick's Day & Artfire Rocks Again

ArtFire has done it again!! They unveiled the new rapid cart widget this weekend...I can post one of these anywhere I go and customers can purchase my shop items directly from the site..with no registration or messing about!

Im still working on my ArtFire free for life campaign- if you havent signed up yet you should, there are a limited number of $7 per month memberships left...follow this link to use me as a referral and then you can start working on getting YOUR recruits:


My birthday is March 16th-the day before St Patricks Day- and I play bouzouki in a Celtic band, Glennfinnan~ SO...St Pats is a BIG holiday for me! I always design in green around this time of year, and these are some of my green days offerings, & YES- you can purchase them straight from this post if you like;-)


Dawno said...

Thank you for featuring the new rapid cart - I can't wait to try it on my own blog.

Lest you think I'm only here for the free advice, as soon as I get a little extra in the bank, I'm so going to buy one of your beautiful and inspirational pieces!

Naija said...

wowo good for you now its easier for you ans us to buy your stuff..:)

storybeader said...

Atrtfire certainly has things on the ball! And I've ALWAYS loved your earrings - since I ripped my earholes, I haven't worn earrings. Such a great idea!

Archeress said...

I am _so_ going to have to try this on my LiveJournal profile page. :)

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