Ear Cuff Test Drive Sale At Thyme2dream

Never worn an ear cuff? Wonder how it would work for you? I decided to give everyone a chance to try one out. For a limited time Im offering the basic Thyme2dream ear cuffs at my cost with free shipping- the perfect way to take one for a "test drive" (but you DO get to keep it;)

~Click here to VISIT MY EAR CUFF SALE~

NOTE: sorry its been so long since I updated here...Im finally catching up from a long couple of months of work and health snafus and plan to be more regular here again now:) Stay Tuned for a Midsummer Dream Sale next week in my ArtFire and SilkFair shops!!


Merily said...

What a neat idea! I've actually been wondering about those and thinking about getting one, so methinks I'll take you up on this. ;)


macati said...

this is a great idea and are so cute!

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