Pirates ~ Get Yer Buccan-Ear Wraps Here

Yes I know thats funny~ until you hear Ian say it about 20 times an hour at a Renaissance Festival: "Arrggh Matey's Roll up and get Yer Buccan Earwraps 'ere" (all in a thick Cornish accent, ala Long John Silver from the Disney version of Treasure Island). I suppose its a fitting way to introduce our new ear decor tho- Ian's version of our Bohemian Wraps made especially for Pirates.

Now those of you who have followed my blog for long know that my hubby has a perfectly delightful accent of his own-being a native of Edinburgh Scotland-but after a Renfest or two, he decided he would have more fun using a made up accent, and thats when he chose the Pirates of Cornwall for his inspiration~ "Aye me lover, this baint be no cheap jewels 'ere, only the best for me 'earties" and suchlike...

The Green Havens Ear Wrap

After spending a fest or two selling our regular Boho wraps to lots of folk in Pirate garb, Ian started to dream up designs with Pirate stories behind them, added a little corny play on words and the Buccan-Ear Wraps were born.

"Did you hear about the deaf Pirate?
He had no BuccanEars..."
(bad joke groan here;).

Our Buccan Ear Wrap collection so far includes The Green Havens, Port & Starboard, The Stormy Seas and in honor of our favorite Caribbean Pirates, The Black Pearl.

They are available and ON SALE now in Thyme2dream ArtFire, as well as in Ian's Etsy Shop, Dragon Rider Circlets

OH- and you get a FREE PIRATE JOKE with every listing;-)


mermaiden said...

makes me giggle, even though you're rolling you're eyes ;D

Beadsme said...

LMAO. Gorgeous creation though.

ChatElaine said...

You just have to speak like that if you are a pirate, my year at school were all dressed as pirates today so they were all speaking that way too. Love the new earwraps especially the bottom picture with the anchor and ships wheel. :0))

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