Fairy Fanciful Wedding Style Boards

Fae-Elven Fashionistas unite! I need your help bringing fairy fanciful wedding ideas to life with Thyme2dream & Im willing to share a bit of fun in return;)

In response to a post on Thyme2dream Facebook, Mary of HoneyBearBeads.etsy.com made this beautiful wedding style board featuring my Golden Slumbers Arm Cuff.

Making a wedding style board-or mood board as they are sometimes called- is all the rage for brides to be. Its made all the more easy with the Dessy Design a Wedding Styleboard Tool coordinated with the new Pantone Wedding system. Pantone wedding makes color coordinating your wedding easy, even if you have a LOT of friends helping;).

What does all this have to do with Thyme2dream and Fae-Elven fashion? I am putting together an exhibit of style boards that include Thyme2dream pieces and since I know I have a LOT of creative readers I would like to ask you to participate..and offer a wee bit of a reward in return:

If you make a style board and include one of my pieces I will give you a $20 gift certificate to Thyme2dream Artfire AND any time I use your board here on my blog or in any other posts I will credit you and include a link to your shop/blog/website- whatever you prefer:)

Also- if you are a bride to be OR helper/organiser for an impending wedding, you may want to enter the Dessy Style Board Challenge over at Onewed.com ..first prize for this month is $500 worth of Dessy accessories!!

To sum it all up:

1. Go to the Dessy Wedding Style Board Tool and create a board including any Thyme2dream piece.

2. Come back here and post the link to your style board in the comments here. Please also include whatever promotional link - Etsy, Artfire or other shop, website, etc-you would like me to use when crediting you.

3. Be sure I can contact you through your profile information, or contact me through www.thyme2dream.artfire.com so I can send your gift Certificate:)

Brides to Be/ wedding planners be sure to check out the OneWed.com Dessy Style Board Contest and use your styleboard to enter to win $500 in Dessy Accessories.

Thanks for your help & have fun everyone!!!


Lenox Knits said...

What a fun diversion. I just made one for my good friend who is getting married this year. I included your hair clip which fit in with her dress and look perfectly. So perfectly I may have to get it for her. Here is the link:

You can use link to my blog if you like: www.lenoxknits.blogspot.com.

This mood board is not what I would choose to represent my own wedding but it is exactly what I'm helping Tif to create for her beach themed wedding.

ChatElaine said...

What lovely idea, they can be used for almost anything really, can't they!! I have just popped in to give you your award, please pop over to my blog to receive it. I promise to visit more often in future as I so love to see all your beautiful creations. ♥ Elaine

Thyme2dream said...

WOW-I love the beach theme board, thanks for making it! I wanted to do a beach wedding sort of a post and this will be a great addition! I will email your GC code to you through your blog- thanks again!!:)

Thyme2dream said...

Thanks Elaine for the lovely compliment- I popped in and commented at your blop..may be a bit before I get round to posting the award here (Im rubbish at picking my faves, lol), but I will get it done eventually!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I have nominated you for a Kreativ blog award on my blog at http://sarastexturecrafts.blogspot.com This post will be up on the 4th of Feb 2010.
Sara x

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