Fairy Wedding Sale & a Feature:)

I was delighted to hear that my Queen Mab's Fairy Wedding Tiara was featured in a relatively new online magazine called Creative Crafting ~

This remains one of our most popular designs and has always been a personal favorite of mine, designed as an homage to Arthur Rackham's beautiful illustrations from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

It ALSO happens to be part of an entire jewelry range~ Queen Mabs Faery Wedding~ that is on sale now as part of my first sale of the year. Click the link to visit the Thyme2dream Fairy Wedding Sale on Artfire. It will be open at least through Valentine's Day;-)


randomcreative said...

Congrats! The tiara is gorgeous!

Ninni said...

The tiara is so so so beautiful!! I only wish I could make one, that is worth releasing a photo of in my blog =)

Waterrose said...

OH that is beautiful. I love the color and how delicate it looks!

Betty Lee said...

Gorgeous find! It's lovely. Wholesale Fashion Handbags

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