Headdress for an Elven Snow Queen

Its been of the snowiest winters we have had here in Kansas for years (starting with our very own Christmas Blizzard), but it made for fun photography!

This is our latest Alphonse Mucha inspired Elven Headdress design- Ian calls it the Snow Queen in his DragonRider Circlets shop and I have included it in the Sapphire Ice collection at Thyme2dream ArtFire


mermaiden said...

incredibly gorgeous photograph- how perfect!

Gypsy Moon Art Studio said...

Perfectly beautiful!! ♥

Liz's Wares said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Ninni said...

I found your page today when was looking for inspirations to make a headdress in the honor of Greek goddess Hera! But I only did the neckless and earrings. I'm just a beginner, learning more all the time! Oh, these are just so wonderful, there's no words to describe it!! =)

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